Biometrics 2000 Corporation Releases Fingerprint Test Kit

Biometrics 2000 Corporation (OTCBB:BTOO) releases the Fingerprint Test Kit. The Fingerprint Test Kit is available for all potential customers of Biometrics 2000's BioTouch fingerprint recognition products. The Fingerprint Test Kit is designed to simulate the BioTouch's fingerprint registration and authentication. Biometrics 2000 Fingerprint Test Kit is targeted for installers who are new to fingerprint recognition or the BioTouch product line. As inquiries for fingerprint recognition systems increase, first time installers of such systems have ordinary doubts. The kit allows installers to educate, test people at a site and feel confident about the BioTouch system prior to purchasing the actual BioTouch equipment. The Fingerprint Test Kit only requires a personal computer.

Biometrics 2000's Fingerprint Test Kit is also meant to provide basic education about fingerprint recognition. Although fingerprint recognition is one of the more mature forms of biometric technology, it has had a difficult time achieving general adoption. Biometrics 2000 strives to educate people on fingerprint recognition. ``The BioTouch fingerprint recognition line is a top performer. The Fingerprint Test Kit will prove that. It will also educate users prior to them actually using it in the field. Many small problems are solved with basic education of how the systems work. That's when the comfort level is created,'' said Joe Snyder, VP of Government Sales.

The Fingerprint Test Kit enables installers to effectively deploy the newest Biometrics 2000 BioTouch fingerprint recognition solutions. The Fingerprint Test Kit addresses the growing need for the ability to educate and test people at any proposed installation. The entire product line integrates all of the latest technology to ease and increase the rate of fingerprint capture and recognition.

``Businesses of all sizes are in need for robust and affordable fingerprint systems but there is always the question of how well a system will work with people at their particular site. There are many factors ranging from normal human error to the normally changing conditions of the fingerprint. Our Fingerprint Test Kit will provide Installers the answer to their questions. The kit will also put their expectations of fingerprint recognition in perspective,'' said Joseph Turek, President and CEO of Biometrics 2000. Biometrics 2000 also makes an effort to provide product knowledge in the field through regional Sales Representatives or remote employees. Additionally, educational material is provided on the Biometrics 2000 website at Turek goes on to say, ``Installers will be able to educate personnel and will be confident of the BioTouch performance prior to the systems arriving.''

The Biometrics 2000 Fingerprint Test Kit is available directly from Biometrics 2000.