Panasonic Expands Camera Enclosure Line

Dallas, TX -- Panasonic Security Systems is displaying a new line of camera enclosures and mounts here at ASIS 2004 that are designed to further enhance the versatility of the company's highly touted cameras and dome systems. The new line features 39 products ranging from outdoor dome enclosures with integrated heater, blower and sunscreen features to mounting brackets for Panasonic's line of vandal-proof dome cameras.

"We have diversified the selection of housings and mounting hardware for our camera line so that installers have the added versatility to place cameras in their most ideal locations," said Frank Abram, Vice President, Panasonic Security Systems. "These products are important additions to our line and enhance our ability to provide turnkey video security and surveillance solutions."

Panasonic's enclosure line includes products that fall into four categories: camera housings, dome camera housings, specialty dome enclosures, and vandal-proof camera mounts. The camera housing category includes housings for indoor and outdoor applications, including outdoor weatherproof housings with heater, blower and sunscreen features. Also included are a variety of wall, pole, corner and pedestal mounts for the camera housings.

The new family of housings for Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom and fixed dome cameras also includes a variety of wall, curved wall, pole, corner, parapet and pendant mounts. Specialty camera enclosures include indoor ceiling domes and mounting hardware, half-dome housings, ceiling tile support brackets, recessed ceiling dome housings and indoor wall mount brackets. A series of corner, pole, roof, wall and hanging mounts are also available for Panasonic's vandal proof cameras.

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