Panasonic "Digital One" Drives Migration To A Digital Platform

Dallas, TX -- Panasonic Security Systems' Digital One initiative has continued to gain industry recognition as the most efficient solution for a cost-effective migration from analog-based systems operation to a digital platform. The Digital One initiative launched by Panasonic earlier this year provides a truly seamless transition for video surveillance, biometrics and data integration to a digital system. New product introductions from Panasonic, including enhancements to the company's line of DVRs, an innovative digital matrix system and the introduction of new LCD Displays with multi-format capabilities, are further extensions of the Digital One initiative.

"Digital One was quickly heralded as the logical roadmap for the industry's migration from an analog to a digital platform. Previous attempts at integrating existing analog products with IP based networked systems were provisional and did not present a long-term solution. Digital One provides technology designed to bridge the analog to digital gap without compromised performance, while providing the highest levels of cost-efficiency," said Frank Abram, Vice President, Panasonic Security Systems. "The Digital One solution has been validated by virtually all of the other manufacturers, as is evidenced by the vast number of products introduced at this show featuring hybrid technology."

Panasonic introduced the industry's first and only comprehensive network initiative for video surveillance systems in the beginning of 2004 and quickly acknowledged that the migration from one platform to the next required a higher degree of integration between new digital and existing analog products. Realizing that end-users have significant investments in high performance analog-based systems and products, Panasonic's Digital One initiative was conceived and launched to provide security professionals with a viable, cost-efficient means of upgrading to a digital platform at their own pace.

Panasonic's Digital One hybrid systems products offer the tools security professionals need to enhance existing analog systems with digital-based systems solutions today. This is an essential transitional phase that will expedite the creation of an industry-wide digital platform and the seamless integration of video surveillance with related security systems.

New additions to Panasonic's existing line of Digital One hybrid cameras, servers, DVRs and processing devices include enhancements to the WJ-HD300 DVR Series, the new WJ-HD220 DVR Series and a new line of LCD Displays with multi-format display capabilities. In addition, Panasonic is displaying an innovative digital matrix system that employs the WV-AS60 DVR Viewing Software, WJ-SX150A Matrix Switcher, WV-CU650 System Controllers, and the WJ-HD300 Series DVRs.

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