Panasonic Provides "Digital Choice" In DVR Technology

Dallas, TX -- Panasonic Security Systems is displaying the industry's most versatile selection of digital recording systems here at ASIS 2004. The line includes a variety of hardware and software driven digital recording solutions to provide security professionals with the most efficient configuration for virtually any application. DVR solutions on display include the company's enhanced WJ-HD300 DVR series, PSS300 Hybrid server-based systems and the new WJ-HD220 DVR. The comprehensive line of digital video recording solutions feature the highest levels of scalability, extended recording capacity, modularity and programmable operation for stand-alone, networked and enterprise level systems applications.

"The migration to a digital platform has dramatically changed the nature of how images are recorded, archived and distributed," said Frank Abram, Vice President, Panasonic Security Systems. "Panasonic's Digital One solution offers the widest range of digital recording configurations to provide users on every level of application with the performance, recording capacity and scalability they need for their specific application. Only Panasonic provides the industry with a digital choice."

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Panasonic DVR Products Summary
Panasonic's highly recognized WJ-HD300 Series DVRs have been further enhanced with the addition of 250GB hard drives which results in a total system capacity of 7.5 terabytes, new administration software with a quick set-up menu, and a limited 3-year warranty. Additional features of the WJ-HD300 Series include: a Real Time Operating System (RTOS); 16 independent recording profiles; multi-screen recording up to 120 images per second (ips); and the ability to assign specific recording speeds and compression modes for individual cameras at any time/date configuration desired with an industry leading 480 ips multiscan refresh rate.

The WJ-HD300 Series also features event search and filtering parameters by time/date, camera number, recording mode and alarm activated recording which can be triggered by the unit's built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD), video loss, terminal alarm or a serial command. In addition, WJ-HD300 Series DVRs feature highly versatile networked operation for applications with distributed architecture, as well as advanced storage expansion capabilities for enterprise level applications.

When combined with Panasonic's WV-AS60 DVR Viewing Software, WJ-SX150A Matrix Switcher and WV-CU650 System Controllers, the WJ-HD300 Series DVRs can be configured to form the industry's first and only true Digital Matrix System. The Digital Matrix System configuration provides comprehensive control of up to 64 of Panasonic's dome camera systems.

Panasonic's Hybrid PSS300 Network Server Series server-based digital recording systems allows the seamless integration of IP addressable and conventional analog cameras in a networked environment. The Hybrid PSS300 Network Server Series is available in 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel analog input versions. The 16 channel fully integrated server/software system features open architecture on a Windows' platform for future enhancements. The Hybrid PSS300 Network Server Series also offers versatile "Storage Clustering" enhancements to increase storage capacities with Networked Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (DAS). NAS allows files to be stored at any point on the network providing virtually unlimited storage capacity and enhanced security and operational efficiencies. Panasonic offers a NAS solution that employs a RAID 5 array and is hot swappable for easy drive replacement. With the addition of Panasonic's EX-DVD External Back-up Unit, recordings can be downloaded for storage in DVD-RAM, DVD-R or CD-R formats with seamless integration between NAS and DAS.

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Panasonic's TXDIS300 Data Integration Software provides comprehensive data read/write capabilities from any agnostic RS232 source such as point of sale systems, cash registers and access control systems. The software is compatible with Panasonic's WJ-HD300 Series DVRs and Hybrid PSS300 Network Server Series. Unlike other systems that are fully integrated onto a single server, Panasonic's Data Integration Software allows integrated functions to run on separate servers for higher security integrity

The new WJ-HD220 is designed for stand-alone DVR operations and is the ideal replacement for conventional VCRs. Features include eight camera inputs; 120GB recording capacity that can be expanded to 240GB with the addition of a second drive; pre-alarm screening; time lapse recording; control of Panasonic dome camera pan/tilt/zoom operations; electronic zoom; simultaneous recording, playback and monitoring capability; multi-screen or spot monitoring; time/date and list search capabilities; and on-board networking capabilities for integration into networked systems.

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Panasonic Security Systems leads the world in digital video technology. The company's comprehensive line of video security and surveillance systems products includes: Digital One Hybrid networking solutions, Super Dynamic II DSP cameras and dome systems, digital video recorders, matrix and sequential switching systems, control software, plasma displays, monitors, lenses, peripheral devices, and iris recognition access control and authentication systems.