Panasonic Provides "Digital Choice" In DVR Technology

Panasonic Security Systems is displaying the industry's most versatile selection of digital recording systems here at ASIS 2004.

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Panasonic's TXDIS300 Data Integration Software provides comprehensive data read/write capabilities from any agnostic RS232 source such as point of sale systems, cash registers and access control systems. The software is compatible with Panasonic's WJ-HD300 Series DVRs and Hybrid PSS300 Network Server Series. Unlike other systems that are fully integrated onto a single server, Panasonic's Data Integration Software allows integrated functions to run on separate servers for higher security integrity

The new WJ-HD220 is designed for stand-alone DVR operations and is the ideal replacement for conventional VCRs. Features include eight camera inputs; 120GB recording capacity that can be expanded to 240GB with the addition of a second drive; pre-alarm screening; time lapse recording; control of Panasonic dome camera pan/tilt/zoom operations; electronic zoom; simultaneous recording, playback and monitoring capability; multi-screen or spot monitoring; time/date and list search capabilities; and on-board networking capabilities for integration into networked systems.

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Panasonic Security Systems leads the world in digital video technology. The company's comprehensive line of video security and surveillance systems products includes: Digital One Hybrid networking solutions, Super Dynamic II DSP cameras and dome systems, digital video recorders, matrix and sequential switching systems, control software, plasma displays, monitors, lenses, peripheral devices, and iris recognition access control and authentication systems.