Panasonic Unveils New Line Of LCD Displays

Dallas, TX -- Panasonic Security Systems is displaying a new line of LCD Displays here at ASIS 2004. The monitors include 15, 17 and 19-inch models with audio. The units are also available with a wide range of optional mounting brackets and are VESA compatible to accommodate virtually any viewing environment. The three new LCD displays join Panasonic's extensive range of CRT monitors and Plasma displays for professional security applications.

"With the addition of these high performance and versatile LCD displays, Panasonic offers security professionals one of the most comprehensive lines of monitoring solutions from a single supplier," said Frank Abram, Vice President, Panasonic Security Systems. "In addition to the exceptional performance these units deliver, they are available with innovative mounting devices to further capitalize on the space-saving characteristics intrinsic in LCD displays."

Panasonic's new LCD line includes the PLCD15VA 15-inch, PLCD17VA 17-inch and PLCD19VA 19-inch displays. The units feature analog, BNC loop through, S-VHS and VGA inputs to accommodate virtually any video source. The VGA inputs are scalable and auto-sensing up to 1280 x 1040 SXVGA. The multi-input capability of the units allows video and VGA images to be viewed simultaneously in the picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. This feature is ideal when used with Panasonic's WJ-HD300 Series DVRs since it allows operators to simultaneously view video images and set-up/control menus.

In addition to overscan and underscan, the new LCD units also provide a 1-1 viewing mode with a unique full-imaging capability to assure that images are viewed in their entirety. Additional features include auto-centering which aids in the viewing of VGA images, simple icon-driven menus, and adjustable color temperature to adjust for various lighting conditions.

Versatile mounting options are also available for the new LCD displays that include an actuating arm for wall or desk mounting; a ball socket mount for wall mounting; and a rail desk mount system that accommodates multiple displays on one or two height levels saving valuable desk space and reducing the costs associated with racks.

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