Sanyo Introduces New DVR with up to 600GB Hard Drive

In addressing the demanding security requirements for large installations, Sanyo Security Products introduces a one-channel digital video recorder, and a four-channel digital video recorder, both with hard drive storage configurations of up to 600GB. The DSR-M810 and DSR-M814 will be displayed in the Sanyo booth (#3024), at ASIS International Exhibits from September 27-29 in Dallas, TX.

Direct input from some of the largest integrators and end-users in the casino industry led to a variety of innovative features in these recorders. Configurations of 120GB, 240GB, 300GB and 600GB are available, providing versatile solutions in casino or other large security installations. Four picture image qualities offer different resolutions providing the security director a choice.

Raul Calderon, Sanyo's National Product Development Manager, said, "The DSRs have a wide range of features that are required in complex security applications. The variable hard drive configuration offers more data storage, while the half-size chassis provides more physical room in almost any installation."

The base unit incorporates a 120GB hard drive, which stores up to two weeks (or 336 hours) of nonstop recording. Other configurations allow for a total of either 240GB, 300GB or 600GB for up to 70 days of 30 FPS recording in Standard mode (35 days of 30 FPS recording in High mode). The recorders use MPEG2 Video Compression method for the four picture quality levels: Standard, High, Super, and Super+.

The following features are integrated into the units and are effective in any security installation:

- Series recording can be accomplished through traditional cascading situations.

- For data portability, video clips can be copied to a CD-R/W. This is especially useful for archiving specific clips or sending them to another location for review.

- The units can be controlled remotely via RS-485 (Sanyo SSP), Resistive ladder, or Ethernet.

- Additional features include audio recording (MPEG1 Audio Layer2), alarm recording, built-in Time/Date Generator, easy search functions, NTSC/PAL switch and master clock.

In addition, the DSRs can be used on their own or with an existing matrix switcher by utilizing the composite video input and output terminals. In addition, they can be included in a LAN configuration. In a closed LAN system, with optional SANYO DVR utility software (VA-SW810 and VA-SW814), security personnel can control and monitor up to 4000 DSR-M810s and up to 16 PCs.

These versatile units have been designed on a half-size chassis so that two units fit side-by-side in a 19-inch rack. In addition to the compact, space-saving design, the DSRs provide a wealth of convenience and performance benefits to security personnel, most of which can be accessed with easy to use front-panel buttons and an on-screen display set-up.

Based in Chatsworth, CA, Sanyo Fisher Company is a leading marketer of high-quality multimedia, consumer audio and video, communication, security video, office automation, air conditioning and home appliance products. (The Security Products Division of its parent company in Japan is one of the world's largest producers of high quality security products including cameras, monitors, VCRs, digital recorders, quads, multiplexers, controllers and accessories.) The company is a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.