Sanyo Security Products Now Integrate with StoreVision

To make a complex suite of Security requirements and POS service easy to manage and drive maximum cost efficiency, Sanyo Security Products has integrated their DSR-3009/3016 series with StoreVision POS services into a single, efficient system. The Sanyo DSR-3000s, complemented with StoreVision software, will be displayed in the Sanyo booth (#3024), at ASIS International Exhibits from September 27-29 in Dallas, TX.

Key features of the Sanyo/StoreVision integration include providing a transaction summary for targeting suspect transactions, an event log for displaying the events that constitute a transaction, and a video image for displaying associated and synchronized video. All data and images can be stored and viewed using the Sanyo DSR-3009/3016 series.

"Retail shrinkage is an increasing problem and the Sanyo/StoreVision retail solution can help, whether it's a single store, regional store or corporate level. The Sanyo DSR-3009/3016 series with POS integration can reduce shrinkage up to 3% of the retailer's sales," said Raul Calderon, Sanyo's National Product Development Manager.

Integrating the StoreVision software with Sanyo's DSRs allows the retailer to monitor in real time, either live or at a later time, locally or remotely. The system can be seamlessly integrated with any POS system. The expanded storage capacity of the DSRs and their remote access capability make these units extremely convenient for retail security personnel to manage and store data and images. Searching for events is easy with the DSR-3009/3016 series.

Features of the Sanyo/StoreVision DVR/POS Integration include:

  • Seamless Inegration of Sanyo DVR and StoreVision POS
  • Runs on Wintel Platform
  • Verifiable and patented data and video synchronizaqtion
  • High detail of data and images
  • Data mining tools to target suspect transactions
  • Automated incident and report generation
  • Scalable from small to large retail stores
  • Integrates to industry-standard Inventory Shrink Solutions
  • Audit the POS at a single store, regional store, or corporate level
  • Audit the POS live or after-the-fact
  • Monitor locally or remotely
  • Integrates with any POS

Based in Chatsworth, CA, Sanyo Fisher Company is a leading marketer of high-quality multimedia, consumer audio and video, communication, security video, office automation, air conditioning and home appliance products. (The Security Products Division of its parent company in Japan is one of the world's largest producers of high quality security products including cameras, monitors, VCRs, digital recorders, quads, multiplexers, controllers and accessories.) The company is a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.

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