Cross Match Technologies Announces New Subsidiary to Provide Background Checks

Cross Match services teams with major employee screening companies to provide one stop shop for fingerprint, drug, alcohol, and public records database checks

- Ability to identify criminals who hop jobs and cross states more comprehensive FBI-based background checks

- Faster turnaround time for FBI background checks--minutes, hours or days, rather than weeks or months

- Fewer rejections from the FBI high quality fingerprint images shorten turnaround time and decrease expense of unusable submissions

Cross Match Services will process fingerprints through the FBI's Integrated Automated Identification System (IAFIS) through various state police Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), or any other FBI-approved job applicant clearing house, such as the American Bankers Association, the Clearing House, the National Association of Securities Dealers, the American Association of Airport Executives, the Office of Personnel Management and others.

Information and fingerprints will be collected and submitted through the Cross Match e-Biometric Information Transaction (eBIT) System. Highlights of the eBIT System include:

- Completely networked system, allowing applicants to stop in any convenient medical facility, even while on travel. Fingerprint records are submitted to the appropriate state AFIS or clearing house via internet or wireless connectivity

- Customer-friendly web interface for enrolling an applicant and receiving information

- Automatic generation of an appointment ticket for an applicant, which can be changed when needed at no additional charge

- Award-winning Cross Match ID 500 or ID 1000 live scan fingerprint system for collection and submission of fingerprint records

- Built-in quality-assurance software that captures highest-quality fingerprints

- Tracking, metrics and customer-customized business reporting

- One consolidated invoice for all pre-screening services

About Cross Match Services, Inc.

Cross Match Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cross Match Technologies, Inc. The company provides full-service employment screening services including FBI fingerprint-based background checks, drug, alcohol, other physical testing and database checks at a potential of thousands of medical center locations throughout the country. About Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

Since its founding in 1996, Cross Match Technologies, Inc. has been at the forefront of applying forensic quality fingerprint imaging technology towards the development of cost-effective biometric security solutions for law enforcement, federal, aviation, commercial and international organizations. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and offering the broadest product lines in the industry, Cross Match is recognized for setting new standards in fingerprint imaging components through its more than 70 existing or pending patents and related intellectual properties. Additional information on Cross Match is available at