Bandit Introduces Powerful Security Fog Generator

BANDIT America, Inc. will introduce into the US market the BANDIT UK-240. This is the most powerful and advanced security fog generator in the world. This latest active security technology will be formally introduced at the US security industry during the ASIS International 2004 Seminar & Exhibits, to be held in September 2004 at Dallas, TX. This fog generator ejects highpressure dense fog once an intrusion has been confirmed. Just to give an idea of how powerful the BANDIT really is, two UK-240 units can fill up a 5,000 sq. feet room in a matter of six to seven seconds (or one device in max. 14 seconds). Intrusion confirmation is possible by adding an independent video monitoring function to the UK- 240, and the integrated unit also includes a real-time audio warning function that lets burglars know that the secured site will be overcome with dense fog in a matter of seconds. The fog is only dispensed when: a) an intrusion has been confirmed and b) the burglar ignores the audio warning and remains within the protected premises.

The emitted UK-240 is completely alcohol-based, meaning that it is completely harmless to anything within the protected premises, including electrical equipment. The UK-240 also uses a cartridge-type fog supply, which can be easily used and replaced even by an end-user. This is a significant upgrade over any existing fog security generators, which use messy liquid tanks that can only be deployed and replaced by expert security professionals.

The UK-240 is not intended to raise the number of arrests for burglary intrusions. Rather, it is expected to reduce the number of burglary attempts altogether by making it much more difficult for burglars. "BANDIT America's line of fog generators has not been designed to put more criminals in our already overcrowded prison system," says Younghoon "Y.H." Song, the President & CEO of BANDIT America, Inc. "Once the fog has been deployed, criminals will lose any sort of control that he or she may feel over the situation. Rather than wait risk being arrested by security and/or law enforcement officers, he or she flees immediately." Previous BANDIT deployments in Europe and Asia have shown that intruders will indeed leave the premises, either because they cannot see anything around them, or because they fear becoming arrested while waiting for the fog to dissipate. In some cases, burglars flee because they mistake the harmless fog as some sort of a poisonous or debilitating tear gas.

BANDIT 240 integrated PCB

"It is my sincere hope that security providers come to realize that with BANDIT, they can provide a level of security services never-before-possible," emphasized Song. "Currently, an overwhelming number of burglaries are of the hit-and-run variety -- committed within the first three to five minutes of the initial intrusion. We believe that the BANDIT security solution eliminates this very problem that has plagued the effectiveness of security providers, security officers and law enforcement officers for years. How? By giving them the time they need to respond." "Most importantly," continued Song, "BANDIT can provide the optimal level of protection for customers, particularly for those who have very valuable equipment or merchandise stored within their protected premises."

"But security providers and law enforcement are not the only ones to benefit from BANDIT," added Song. "Think of what this effective level of security will mean for insurance providers. They will be able to take on more insurance policies with drastically reduced risk."

The BANDIT concept of reducing actual crime via fog was initially developed in 1992 by Alfons Van-Doninck, a well-known Belgium inventor and entrepreneur. Van-Doninck then collaborated with his Korean partner Y.H. Song to develop the concept, eventually deciding to manufacture the BANDIT line of security solutions from South Korea. Recognizing that the US as the most critical market for security, Mr. Song moved to California this year, and established BANDIT America, Inc. in La Habra, CA.

"We simply believe that everyone benefits from deploying BANDIT," concluded Song. "That is, everyone but burglars who cannot execute hit-and-run burglaries at sites protected by BANDIT."

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