Bandit Introduces Powerful Security Fog Generator

BANDIT America, Inc. will introduce into the US market the BANDIT UK-240. This is the most powerful and advanced security fog generator in the world. This latest active security technology will be formally introduced at the US security industry during...

The BANDIT concept of reducing actual crime via fog was initially developed in 1992 by Alfons Van-Doninck, a well-known Belgium inventor and entrepreneur. Van-Doninck then collaborated with his Korean partner Y.H. Song to develop the concept, eventually deciding to manufacture the BANDIT line of security solutions from South Korea. Recognizing that the US as the most critical market for security, Mr. Song moved to California this year, and established BANDIT America, Inc. in La Habra, CA.

"We simply believe that everyone benefits from deploying BANDIT," concluded Song. "That is, everyone but burglars who cannot execute hit-and-run burglaries at sites protected by BANDIT."

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