AirMagnet and AirWave Wireless Announce Integration of Products

SAN MATEO, Calif.-- Wi-Fi industry leaders AirWave Wireless and AirMagnet announced the integration of their flagship AirWave Management Platform(TM) and AirMagnet(TM) Distributed products for joint customers. The integrated solution combines the capabilities of the AirWave Management Platform (AMP), a vendor- agnostic software solution designed to control the Wi-Fi network infrastructure, and AirMagnet Distributed, a comprehensive system for wireless intrusion prevention and network security and performance monitoring.

The combined solution empowers IT staff to take immediate, automated corrective action when potential problems threaten the security or interfere with the performance of a wireless network. The AirMagnet Distributed system gathers and analyzes real-time Wi-Fi security and performance data via a distributed network of intelligent wireless sensors, while the AirWave Management Platform provides 24x7 management of the Wi-Fi infrastructure itself. The two companies are integrating their solutions, allowing AirMagnet Distributed to notify AirWave Management Platform of problems, allowing AMP to take immediate corrective action as well as alert the IT staff. When the resolution requires action, including changes to the network or device configuration, changes are efficiently and automatically implemented via the AirWave Management Platform. In addition, the two applications can share a common Access Control List (ACL) showing which access points (APs) are officially part of the customers' network.

``AirMagnet and AirWave's integration empowers wireless network administrators by bridging the gap between information and action,'' said Bill Rubin, CEO of Connect Technologies of Redwood City, California. ``For instance, when a wireless network is under siege by a dictionary or denial-of-service attack, the joint AirMagnet and AirWave solution not only detects the intruder, but allows the network administrator to safeguard the network by immediately shutting down the targeted access point while the attacker is located,'' he added.

The AirWave Management Platform is a standards-based, vendor-agnostic management solution that allows network administrators to fully monitor and configure Wi-Fi infrastructure from multiple vendors via a single easy-to-use, web-based interface. The software supports wireless access points from Cisco, Proxim, Symbol, HP, Avaya, Enterasys, Colubris, 3Com, and other leading vendors.

``Enterprises aren't interested in proprietary approaches to Wi-Fi management or infrastructures that don't interoperate with solutions from other vendors. Integrated solutions from AirMagnet and AirWave free IT administrators from dependence on a single hardware vendor,'' said AirMagnet CEO Dean Au. ``Customers get sophisticated next-generation RF optimization and cost-saving automated management without the expense of replacing major components of their existing WLAN and LAN infrastructures.''

AirMagnet Distributed identifies more than 100 different kinds of wireless problems - providing a comprehensive security, reliability and performance management system that monitors every WLAN band and channel in use worldwide (802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g), on any network, no matter how large or dispersed. AirMagnet's powerful, intelligent sensors cover a much broader area than typical wireless access points, enabling extremely cost-effective RF monitoring. ``For security-conscious enterprises and organizations, detecting 'most' wireless attacks and intruders simply is not good enough,'' said AirWave CEO Gary Hegna. He added, ``AirMagnet delivers comprehensive intrusion detection capabilities that, when used in combination with the AirWave Management Platform, eliminate all of the most common and serious breaches of wireless LAN security.''

The AirWave Management Platform and AirMagnet Distributed are flexible, scalable enterprise-grade solutions that are used by Fortune 500 network administrators to monitor, administer and secure organizations' WLANs across multiple campuses and office locations. Via their remote management interfaces, the IT staff can view global reports on overall wireless network performance or can drill down to detailed, real-time information on every user and device on the wireless network.

Both solutions are sold through networks of certified systems integrators and resellers worldwide. For more information about the AirWave and AirMagnet Wi-Fi solutions or to locate an authorized reseller, visit or .