3VR Security Releases New-Generation Video Recorder System

The latest 3VR security appliance combines storage and analytical capabilities into one unit for the first time. 3VR's 800i system can store, search, sort, and analyze up to a years' worth of data; the appliance also recognizes security events in real time and responds with actions specified by the user, putting managers in control of their security environment. The 800i can store and perform analysis on data from up to eight cameras, and multiple 800i units can be linked to enable monitoring and analysis of data from hundreds of cameras across an entire security operation.

The 3VR 800i can be installed in a security cluster with or instead of security digital video recorders (DVRs) and alongside CCTV equipment. The 3VR platform is a breakthrough approach to advanced video analysis that seamlessly integrates high capacity DVR technology with existing CCTV infrastructures to transform raw, unstructured surveillance feeds into compact, intelligently structured information. Now, with the 3VR 800i, security professionals can monitor an entire organization rather than just a few cameras, perform intelligent searches on large stores of data, and ensure standardized responses to critical security events.

The 800i system includes:

-- Support for industry standard NTSC and PAL cameras, as well as select digital cameras.

-- TCP/IP Network, which supports multiple integrated devices and user consoles.

-- Redundant storage system for digital media and extracted intelligence.

About 3VR Security, Inc.: 3VR Security, Inc. was founded to address the most pressing issue in the security industry today: overwhelming data stores. 3VR Security, Inc. developed the third generation video recorder; an appliance that not only performs the functionality of a high-end Digital Video Recorder (DVR), but also allows security professionals to find, sort and respond to data. By making complex technology simple, scalable and available to corporate security buyers, 3VR Security, Inc. helps companies to effectively respond to their security challenges.