DVR Maker 3VR Security Closes First-Round Financing

3VR Security, Inc. (formerly Edison Carter, Inc.), the developer of the next-generation video recorder (the 3VR) today announced the closing of its $5 million Series A financing. The round was led by VantagePoint Venture Partners, one of the largest venture capital firms in the United States with more than $2.5 billion in capital under management. The company also announced that it has changed its name to 3VR Security, Inc., a name that better represents the company's role in pioneering a new generation of video surveillance technology.

``3VR tackles the biggest problem in the physical security industry today: turning vast stores of digital and analog images into meaningful, actionable information. The ability to index, analyze, and manage video data gathered from multiple cameras and geographies is a solution that until today was impossible,'' said Stephen Russell, CEO, 3VR Security, Inc. ``With the support and resources of VantagePoint, we have the opportunity to accelerate our product integration and deployment efforts and bring our enhanced solutions to market more rapidly.''

3VR's sophisticated video recording technology transforms raw, unstructured surveillance feeds into manageable, intelligently organized information that can be accessed through an intuitive user interface. This high performance surveillance system integrates easily into existing CCTV equipment to provide a cost-effective security solution that is scalable across an entire organization. 3VR enables security operators to move beyond traditional record-and-store surveillance systems to one that can perform extensive analysis on images gathered across hundreds of different cameras and time frames from a central location.

``The physical security sector represents a new and compelling opportunity driven by a combination of world events, business concerns, and resource issues. We believe that 3VR represents the next evolution of where 1st (VCR) and 2nd (DVR) generation surveillance technologies exist today. 3VR has proven its technical vision and we look forward to partnering with the management team to build an exciting and important company,'' added Jay Shiveley, Managing Director, VantagePoint Venture Partners.

With 3VR, security professionals can:

See Everything: 3VR converts raw video input from hundreds of cameras into structured data feeds, and pushes items of interest into the monitoring console.

Find Anything: 3VR turns data stores into an asset, allowing security professionals to search for, analyze and evaluate information, find trends, and track suspects across years of data.

Take Control: 3VR recognizes security events and responds with specified actions, putting security managers in control of the security environment.

About 3VR Security, Inc.: 3VR Security, Inc. was founded to address the most pressing issue in the security industry today: overwhelming data stores. 3VR Security, Inc. developed the third generation video recorder; an appliance that not only performs the functionality of a high-end Digital Video Recorder (DVR), but also allows security professionals to find, sort and respond to data. By making complex technology simple, scalable and available to corporate security buyers, 3VR Security, Inc. helps companies to effectively respond to their security challenges.

About VantagePoint Venture Partners: VantagePoint Venture Partners is one of the nation's largest venture capital firms that actively works with management teams and its strategic partners to build technology leaders. As an active multi-stage investor, the Firm provides funding and resources for all stages of a company's lifecycle from seed round through late stage and privately negotiated investments in public companies. VantagePoint is based on a full-service ``Partner-Team'' approach that provides entrepreneurs with a blend of technology, venture capital, operations, and corporate-finance expertise. As hands-on investors, the Firm is focused on technology investments in the CleanTech, Communications, Healthcare, Semiconductor, and Software and Internet sectors. More information is available at