Wichita Schools to Give School Resource Officers Tasers

Decision unnerves some parents; SROs very clear on when and how to use the stun guns

"There are some very legitimate unanswered questions about the physiological impact of the Taser on teenage bodies," Trump said.

But fears that Taser usage will become frequent in school hallways are unfounded, he said.

"Contrary to perceptions, officers are not zapping kids for not having hall passes," Trump said.

The key, Trump said, is that school resource officers follow department policies and procedures and use common sense.

When incident reviews have determined that the use of a Taser in a school setting was inappropriate, he said, "it is the common sense component that's been lacking."


Strict Controls: Who Shouldn't Be Shot with a Taser

The police department's use of force policy states that "extreme caution" should always be used when deploying the Taser on people who:

  • Are obviously pregnant
  • Have a known heart problem or debilitating illness
  • Are near flammable materials or liquids
  • Are in an elevated position, in water, or in other circumstances in which a fall may cause drowning, substantial injury or death
  • Are very young or elderly
  • Are handcuffed or shackled

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