Creative Vistas Launches Subsidiary Iview Digital Video Solutions

WHITBY, Ontario - Creative Vistas, Inc., a leading provider of integrated electronic security and surveillance systems, announced today that it has launched a subsidiary called Iview Digital Video Solutions Inc (Iview DVSI). The subsidiary will focus on licensing and marketing its state of the art video technologies to the global surveillance market.

The Company has already launched Iview-360 and Iview-DVMS (Digital Video Management System) to the market. Iview-360, a breakthrough technology for the surveillance industry, is a panoramic camera that provides a 360 degree view of an area for complete situational awareness. It also provides the user the ability to digitally zoom in on any particular region within its coverage. Iview-360 provides many virtual EPTZ (Electronic Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras to replace many conventional cameras thus significantly reducing equipment and installation costs.

"Iview DVSI will focus on deployment of the Iview family of video surveillance products. We believe that there is a strong demand for the Iview-360 and Iview-DVMS products within the global surveillance market" said Sayan Navaratnam, Chief Executive Officer of Creative Vistas, Inc. "Our primary entry to market will be through strategic partnerships and licensing arrangements." Further information regarding Iview DVSI can be found at:

The Company announced the launch of Iview360 and Iview-DVMS, a line of digital video surveillance products in June, 2005.

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