Honeywell Fusion Streamer Allows Remote Video Monitoring and Recording

Honeywell has introduced the Fusion Streamer, a four-channel, MPEG-4 encoder that accepts analog video and audio signals and converts them into a digital packet-based IP format for network transmission, remote monitoring and recording. The Fusion Streamer bridges the gap between traditional, cumbersome analog video solutions and expensive, high-end IP-based alternatives. The result is a cost-effective hybrid recording solution that is flexible, reliable and easy to expand.

The Fusion Streamer's IP format can be streamed anywhere in the world via the Internet, LAN or WAN connection. The Fusion Streamer is also integrated with the Fusion DVR platform, which seamlessly extends the analog recording infrastructure into the IP stream domain.

The Fusion Steamer includes two methods of interfacing remotely with the streamer: Fusion Streamer Remote Software (FSRS) and Fusion Streamer Web Interface, which allow users to control recording resolutions, manage user accounts, control frame rates and upgrade software. FSRS also gives users the ability to record incoming video and audio streams, schedule specific recording times and control motion detection.

The combination of the Fusion Streamer and FSRS can be utilized to create a stand-alone video security system, with the PC running FSRS becoming the digital recorder. Operators working from that PC would be able to configure the streamer remotely, monitor live video, control PTZ cameras and conduct local recorded video searches.

The system is also compatible with Fusion Video Management Software (FVMS), which provides a third way of remotely operating and configuring the unit. FVMS presents a familiar graphical interface that allows users to integrate the Fusion Streamer into networks where Fusion DVRs can be utilized to provide storage for the Streamer's packet-based video data.

"The powerful combination of the Fusion Streamer and the Fusion DVR allows our customers to expand existing CCTV installations to remote locations creating a hybrid video recording system," said Frank Ramos, product manager for Honeywell Video Systems. "We also designed the Fusion Streamer to work independently of the Fusion DVR, presenting the customer with an economical PC based alternative to the traditional DVR."

The Fusion Streamer is a complete video server solution. In addition to four channels of analog video and audio, the unit features alarm inputs, control outputs, RS485 for PTZ control, TV-OUT for local composite monitoring and RJ45 LAN connection.

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