Virage Launches Dedicated Security and Surveillance Product Range

SAN FRANCISCO - Virage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Autonomy Corporation and world leading supplier and visionary in Rich Media Management technology, today launched a new product line dedicated to security and surveillance. Virage Security and Surveillance integrates Neurodynamics world leading recognition technology to provide a wide array of advanced technologies and blended solutions to facilitate real-time surveillance, detection and protection operations. An extensive product range including automatic number plate recognition, digital recording and transmission, intelligent scene analysis, behavioral analysis, fingerprint analysis and 3-D face recognition, sets a new benchmark for security and surveillance operations worldwide.

Virage Security and Surveillance brings an unprecedented level of precision and superior analytical capabilities to all security and surveillance operations. Developed originally for the security services by Neurodynamics and trusted by some of the most prestigious security organizations in the world, Virage Security and Surveillance is suitable for a broad variety of complex security environments such as major transport networks, border controls, government buildings and transport hubs including airports, seaports and metropolitan centers. Leveraging the power of Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), Virage Security and Surveillance offers organizations the ability to conduct advanced security and surveillance operations by forming conceptual, intelligence based associations between multiple pieces of data. As an expert in security and surveillance technologies and bourn out of extensive research at Cambridge University, Neurodynamics, part of the Autonomy Group, has contributed a fundamental core technology to the new product range which provides unrivalled intelligence power to real-time surveillance, detection and protection operations.

Rowan Gardner, Virage, commented: "Virage has a long history of providing governments, intelligence agencies and enterprises of all sizes with world-class technology which enables them to manage, monitor and analyze vast amounts of rich media intelligently. We are delighted to be able to draw on Neurodynamics' specialist expertise in the security market in launching Virage Security and Surveillance. Today's product launch underlines Virage's commitment to aiding organizations in this area and represents a significant enhancement of Virage's core capabilities."

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