Silex Technology Launches Enhanced Version of SXbiometrics Security Software

2005 NOV 21 - ( -- silex technology america, Inc. announced an enhanced version of its biometrics security software, SX-Biometrics Suite AE (auto-encryption), designed to automate the encryption of confidential files and require fingerprint authentication to decrypt and use each document.

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, state/county health departments, and many other healthcare organizations are required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to "guarantee security and privacy of health information."

HIPAA was put into place to protect private patient records throughout the record life cycle from anyone not authorized to view them. Any organization that deals with patient records must meet this requirement.

Silex's SX-Biometrics Suite AE software provides two levels of security related to patient records when used with a silex COMBO-Mini fingerprint reader. It first secures network file and computer access by requiring the user to authenticate with the fingerprint reader. Second, it can be used to protect and secure patient records by requiring fingerprint authentication to access each individual document.

The SX-Biometrics Suite AE uses triple DES encryption. It can also be configured to increase security using three forms of identification based on possession, biometrics, and knowledge.

For healthcare enterprises who need centralized management of its biometrics security policies, silex also provides SX-Bio Manager to enroll and manage the fingerprint accounts of many people at once.

Silex Technology America, Inc. is a subsidiary of silex technology, Inc. and a developer of external and embedded device-device connectivity products and biometric readers and software.

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