Alabama County Airport Contracts with Strategy X for Comprehensive Security Assessment

HARRISON, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 2005--Strategy X Inc. (Pink Sheets:SRGX), homeland security specialists, is pleased to announce an agreement with Townsend Economic Development (TED) in developing a study and comprehensive security plan for the airport in Bullock County, Alabama. The contract term and dollar amounts are undisclosed at this point. This plan will conform to Department of Homeland Security guidelines.

According to Jack Arrington, TED Director for Technology, "Strategy X's background in security development is an invaluable assistance in this effort. Townsend Economic Development (TED) is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member in its mission to enhance the lives of people in this community. The company is called Strategy X and its Operations Office is located in Crestview, Florida. Strategy X is a homeland security services provider and will enhance the security of all people in this community. They have an all-hazards approach to providing security applications to the various needs facing our citizens."

Mr. Hawkins, Chief Operations Officer stated, "We have a great deal of experience with security for General Aviation Airports (GAA) and have authored several GAA Security Plans. Providing this expertise to TED and Bullock County is a real honor."

Strategy X is assisting TED in developing a study and comprehensive security plan for the airport in Bullock County. This plan will conform to Department of Homeland Security guidelines. TED is a 501(c)(3) located in Union Springs, Alabama. The mission of TED is to enhance economic development for Bullock County, Alabama and surrounding communities. TED provides a comprehensive program that includes jobs in education, technology and related applications. This creates an environment that will attract domestic and international businesses to this area and will also encourage starting new businesses there.

Strategy X Inc. President and CEO, Clifford A. Lewis, stated, "It is an honor to support this effort. As the total picture of Strategy X capabilities is realized, we will provide more and more support for not only the GAA community but also the Commercial Passenger Airports."

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<<Business Wire -- 11/23/05>>