Frost & Sullivan Recognizes CoVi in Field of Video Surveillance Technologies

PALO ALTO , Calif. - Frost & Sullivan's recentanalysis, Advances in Recording and Data Processing for Video Surveillance, selected CoVi Technologies, Inc. as the recipient of the 2005 Technology Innovation Award in recognition of its innovative video surveillance technologies. The award in particular lauds its Crystal HD system that couples a high-definition camera with the Distributed Media Manager (DMM) network appliances for use in a variety of end-user applications.

Each year, this award is given to a company that has carried out new research resulting in innovations that can bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. It commends the quality and depth of the company's research and development program as well as the vision and risk-taking that enables CoVi to undertake such an endeavor.

CoVi has produced several innovative high definition (HD) quality solutions for video surveillance, which have radically improved the manageability, ease-of-use, and scalability of video surveillance equipment. Through the Crystal HD video surveillance system, the company offers greater security for customers' assets and higher productivity at competitive costs. It is the world's first HD-over-IP network surveillance solution and was designed from its inception as a unified system.

"By embracing and encompassing the capabilities of high capacity media archives, network cameras, and personal computer-based video monitoring surveillance solutions, CoVi's Crystal HD system delivers exceptional client value, outperforming existing systems," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Haritha Ramachandran. "The solution addresses three key issues namely, the need to capture high-quality video images, efficient and practical storage/delivery of the captured images, and finally, data processing together with management of surveillance data."

The Crystal HD system includes HD cameras that deliver crystal-clear progressive scan images with high dynamic range and day/night capability. It is capable of providing up to six different video streams at rates from 1 to 30 frames per second and pixel resolutions from 176x96 to 1280x720 using the proprietary MultiStream encoding technology. The camera can support both JPEG and MPEG4 encoding schemes to optimize video quality and network bandwidth consumption. CoVi has used efficient distribution technologies to address problems such as excessive demand on IP data networks/storage.

In terms of distribution and information management, CoVi's DMM combines video recording, stream serving, and video information management in one integrated module. The DMMs, designed to exist at the edge of the digital surveillance network, serve to minimize network burden and maximize accessibility of captured information. The DMM-2100 can support simultaneous recording, streaming, and management of up to six video streams from just one CVQ-2100 camera. It has a storage capacity of up to 250GB for over 30 days' continuous recording per camera.

The main distinguishing feature of this technology is that it allows the storage of videos outside the network, thereby helping enhance quality and resolution. By breaking the link between recording and monitoring, manufactures can also dramatically lower the implementation cost. In short, CoVi's solutions relieve the IP network from the task of transmitting all video from the security cameras to centralized network video recorders.

Frost & Sullivan's Award for Technology Innovation acknowledges CoViTechnologies' position as a leading developer and provider of solutions in the video surveillance space and particularly applauds its development of the innovative Crystal HD solution that cost-efficiently delivers superior recording and intelligent data processing.

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