Carnival Corp. Sued Over a Covered Surveillance Camera

WISN-12 News of Milwaukee, Wisc., has reported that following the strange disappearance last December of a woman on a Carnival Cruise line, the family is suing the company.

In the incident the woman, from Waukesha, Wisc., went missing, but her purse was found near a surveillance camera. The woman's body was never found.

According to reports from the victim's father, the camera was either tampered with and had been covered with paper over the lens to prevent it from viewing the situation. The man who reportedly found the tampered camera said it had been covered with some sort of wet brochure-type paperwork.

The WISN-12 report indicated that the woman's family is finding fault with Carnival Corporation for failing to monitor the camera, and that not monitoring the camera delayed any search efforts.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the lawsuit alleges that, because the camera was disabled, the ship did not conduct "an immediate search-and-rescue."

In the AP report, the family's lawyer Charles Lipcon alleged that Carnival Corporation was at fault for not reviewing the surveillance camera.

"Had they checked on it immediately when it was covered, they would have known she was overboard," said Lipcon. "There was a long delay due to a failure to monitor the camera, or check why it didn't show a picture."