IBG Establishes Biometric Performance Certification Program

NEW YORK, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Addressing the demand for independent certification of biometric products, International Biometric Group today announced its Biometric Performance Certification program. Biometric Performance Certification certifies biometric product accuracy and usability for applications such as border management, visa and passport issuance, access control, network security, and point-of-sale.

The biometric industry has historically lacked benchmarks against which performance could be evaluated and compared. Biometric Performance Certification addresses this gap by certifying commercial systems against benchmarks for accuracy and usability. Biometric Performance Certification provides detailed yet easily-understood information essential to engineering teams, product developers, sales and marketing staff, and organizations managing RFPs and government tenders.

Thousands of commercial and government organizations rely upon International Biometric Group's performance evaluations to make deployment and partnership decisions. For a partial list of evaluation recipients and for information on Biometric Performance Certification, please visit http://www.biometricgroup.com/certification.html.

"Biometric system accuracy and usability are central to any deployment or partnership decision," said Michael Thieme, Director of Special Projects. "We anticipate that Biometric Performance Certification will become the primary industry reference point for detailed product certification information."

Biometric Performance Certification is based on results generated through International Biometric Group's ongoing Comparative Biometric Testing initiative, since 1998 the biometric industry's leading multiple-biometric test effort. Round Six of Comparative Biometric Testing, beginning in early 2006, will evaluate commercial biometric systems such as fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, and emerging biometric technologies.

Comparative Biometric Testing has been sponsored by leading commercial organizations including Microsoft, Visa, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Honeywell, American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, EDS, Fidelity, General Dynamics, Booz Allen and Financial Services Technology Consortium.

About International Biometric Group

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