Security Convergence Seminars Hit Dallas This Week

SecureWorld/ST&D convergence series brings physical security directors together with IT

Security Technology & Design is preparing for its final Enterprise Security Convergence seminar series of 2005 this week in Dallas, TX, with more than 500 attendees from the physical and IT sides of the security house expected. This will cap a six-city tour that began in February in Boston. Along the way ST&D and the host SecureWorld Expo event have played host to almost 3,200 security professionals.

Security Technology & Design’s partner SecureWorld created this seminar tour that features a unique Regional Touring Seminar series formed to promote the ideals of constructive communication between corporate & IT security professionals, technology leaders and systems integrators. These two-day events are designed to be high intensity workshops that will provide technology companies a venue to not only introduce cutting edge solutions, but sit face-to-face with security professional from both the physical & IT sectors to offer real world options and applications. This is designed as a solutions forum.

Presented by ST&D and hosted by SecureWorld Expo, the Security Convergence event allows experts a chance to provide no-nonsense one-on-one discussions on technology application, strategic planning, budgeting and implementation amongst invited technology sponsors, high-profile systems integrators and specially selected security end user professionals..

Looking to attend? Check out the Security Convergence sessions scheduled for the Dallas venue on Dec. 14-15. Register online at

Assessing & Implementing Enterprise-Wide Access Control Solutions

There are a number of “buzz words” that have entered our lexicon in the past years and the two that stand out the most are “integrated systems” and “enterprise systems”. Though different, it is apparent that you can not have one without the other and to achieve the ultimate goal of understanding and most importantly defining the term “enterprise system” we need to understand what an “integrated system” is. This session will focus on how to achieve an enterprise-wide solution through systems integration.

Speaker: Leon Chlimper, Vice President of System Sales, North America, Bosch Security Systems. Chlimper, has over 12 years of experience in the security industry. Fluent in several languages, Chlimper earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from Syracuse University and an MBA from ESAN (Escuela Superior de AdministraciĂłn de Empresas) School of Management in Lima, Peru.

IP & Web-Based CCTV Solutions & Applications CCTV is now an in integral part of every security system. With the advance of IP and web-based technologies, users are expecting more out of their surveillance capabilities. How far can we go and what are the limitations with today's analog and digital CCTV solutions? When and how will web-based systems establish themselves as a technology of choice? Security personnel are being flooded with millions of bits of information; how can we ensure that this surveillance intelligence properly secures the organization?

Speaker: Lisa Bradshaw; National Sales Director, IPIX

Corporate Security & IT Collaboration: How to Close Security Gaps and Improve ROI

See how the full spectrum of physical security and IT convergence relates to your organization. Session includes case study material on how companies are benefiting from physical/IT collaboration. One CSO achieved a 54 percent reduction in IT security policy violations in 90 days, with no budget or personnel increases, through initiatives that resulted from physical/IT security cross-training.

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