Wheelock Series NS/HS4 Horn Strobes and NH Horn Appliances

Long Branch, New Jersey -- Wheelock, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced fire life safety, security and communications products, offers the versatility of the industry's broadest line of notification appliances with the Series NS/HS4 Horn Strobes and NH Horn Appliances. These products feature low current, two selectable tones, continuous and temporal Code 3, and dB levels (90 or 95 dB), and patented Universal Mounting Plate.

The NS/HS4 Horn Strobes are available with 15, 15/75, 30, 75 and 110 cd strobe intensities and 1575 cd. Synchronization can be achieved with the SM or DSM Sync Modules or Wheelock's PS-12/24 8-MP or CP Power Supplies with built-in sync protocol. The NS/NH are also patented 24V 2-wire appliances, while the HS4 is a 24V 4 wire model.

In addition, the Series NH matching horn is a selectable 12/24V model that can also include a Notification Appliance Trim Plate (NATP) for use in open spaces located between the finished wall and the flush backbox.