CA Introduces New Network Identity Manager

CA identity manger enables customers to manage risk, enhance regulatory compliance and reduce costs

Compliance Reporting—Identity Manager’s comprehensive, out-of-the-box reports support corporate compliance efforts by documenting that identity controls are in place and working as intended.

Web Services Interface—Identity Manager allows identity management to be deployed as a Web service, providing a standards-based, centrally deployed and managed method for programmatically initiating identity management actions. This further facilitates the broad roll-out of identity management services with minimal impact to applications and the developers that build and maintain them.

User Self-Service and Password Management—Identity Manager enables users to manage their own profile, password and entitlements through self-service capabilities, forgotten password support, bi-directional password synchronization, GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication) support, and automatic enforcement of periodic password changes.

“Best-practice IT governance and compliance requires disciplined policy definition, reliable policy enforcement, and credible compliance documentation,” said Chris Christiansen, vice president of IDC's Security Products and Services. “By addressing these three IT requirements in a single solution, CA has demonstrated a clear understanding of how enterprise organizations need to leverage identity management technology.”

Identity Manager is part of CA’s eTrust Identity and Access Management (IAM) Suite, which includes Web access control, enterprise single sign-on, identity administration, user provisioning, user directory, identity federation, and Web services security. This suite provides customers with the industry’s most complete, integrated identity and access management capabilities and enables them to manage the broadest range of IT resources – including mainframe, distributed, Internet and mobile infrastructure.

“Compliance efforts are now boardroom discussions with CIOs and CSOs as they are tasked with mitigating risks and at the same time driving down costs,” said Deborah Golden, principal at Deloitte & Touche, LLP. “Identity management is clearly one of the areas which help executives deliver this value. CA Identity Manager is a potential solution to help companies address a range of business identity management needs.”

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