DICE and Ackerman Security Integrate Document Imaging Feature

Atlanta, Georgia -- Ackerman Security and DICE Corporation collaborated to integrate a Document Imaging utility into DICE Aegis software applications. Looking to incorporate the process into their existing central station and accounting operations, Ackerman involved DICE Corporation to explore what development options were available.

The goal of the integration was to reduce paper document storage and increase their operation's efficiency. To preserve the integrity of their stored contracts and other documents, scanned images were made from the originals and stored digitally for easy retrieval, providing on-hand verification of necessary records accessed through DICE and available with only a keystroke.

"We have begun utilizing document imaging in connection with our Alarm Service Agreements (ASA). As every alarm company knows, these are our jewels. This is what supports the underlying value of our company. By imaging these important documents, we have taken an important step towards safeguarding our most valuable asset", said Jeff Cohen, Chief Financial Officer, Ackerman Security.

Since they have started using the utility, Ackerman has already seen significant improvements in the efficiency of their overall operations. Their DICE Integration also enabled them to perform image queries, this function produces a report to verify that each account is linked to the proper scanned image.

"Taken together with a new DICE report that lists any active customer that does not have an associated ASA image, I have ongoing assurance that none of our jewels are missing. At the same time we have significantly improved our level of customer service while increasing operating efficiencies. Designated employees who interact with our customers can immediately retrieve an image of the customers ASA to validate contract terms. As required we can then e-mail the image directly to the customer, all within DICE".

"We expect to leverage the benefits of document imaging to other areas of our company in the future", says Cohen.