Sun Helps Fight Drug Counterfeiting With RFID Technology

Company announces hardware, software and services solution for drug authenticity

The Sun RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication provides detailed guidelines to help pharmaceutical companies build an end-to-end RFID solution to automate a secure drug supply chain. It is a unique combination of Sun technologies and product components including: Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System, Sun Java(TM) Enterprise System and Sun Java System RFID Software. Sun Java System Identity Management Suite provides identity management and access controls, which help companies control access to shared or distributed data repositories containing EPC or pedigree data. The Sun Java Integration Suite provides an SOA-based platform to provide real-time access to RFID events, as well as a development environment from which to build and deploy composite applications that maximize the vast amount of information available from RFID readers.

The Sun RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication is also packaged with third-party components, such as E-Pedigree applications from Raining Data and SupplyScape, which provide a complete drug security solution along with the capabilities to create, manage and certify pedigree data across the supply chain. This solution also integrates with Raining Data's Distributed Xquery and TigerLogic XML Data Management solution and VeriSign's Intelligent Supply Chain Services platform, which includes the Object Naming Services (ONS). The Sun RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication has been tested and qualified for compatibility with TAGSYS' item-level RFID tag and reader technology and is also capable of working with many other third-party RFID readers and RFID printers.

"We are pleased to jointly demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Sun RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication with Raining Data's Distributed XQuery and Tigerlogic XML Data Management solutions," said Ajay Ramachandran, vice president, general manager -- Enterprise Applications Group at Raining Data. "Raining Data's comprehensive ePharma solution framework helps customers not only addresses state specific pedigree compliance requirements, but also other issues such as: returns, recall, diversion and anti-counterfeiting. Our ePharma solution enables enterprises to leverage their RFID investments and delivers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)."

"SupplyScape and Sun have collaborated since 2003 on pharma supply chain security solutions to combat drug counterfeiting," said Brenda Kelly, vice president of marketing at SupplyScape. "Being selected for inclusion in Sun's drug authentication initiatives enables us to provide a more complete solution for the pharma industry."

"Drug counterfeiting directly impacts consumer safety and is estimated to cost the industry over $35 billion a year," said Elie Simon, CEO of TAGSYS. "While the pharmaceutical sector is proving to be an early adopter of RFID technology, the requirements for reliable, accurate and secure (or R.A.S.) RFID products are also extremely high. As a result of our tests, Sun's customers can be certain that the RFID solution will work seamlessly with the industry's most robust item-level tags and readers that deliver six sigma level reading performance."