SafetyCare Receives UL Listing for Central Station Monitoring

N.J.-based SafetyCare has received confirmation and is now an Underwriters Laboratories Listed Central Station. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a non-profit public safety testing agency that serves as the benchmark for insurance companies and inspects and lists alarm monitoring facilities in North America.

As a UUFX UL Listed Central Station, SafetyCare is authorized to monitor UL residential and commercial burglary and fire alarm systems. SafetyCare received listings for both central station operation and site automation systems.

“We are pleased that the infrastructure we have built exceeds the requirements set forth by Underwriters Laboratories,” said Glenn Fischer, president and CEO, SafetyCare. “UL certification is essential in attaining insurance for certain client types. SafetyCare underwent vigorous testing for this certification, exceeding a wide range of requirements, including analysis of the construction of our physical plant, our equipment, our security systems, our employee training and our internal procedures.”

With the UL certification, SafetyCare can undertake UL-listed jobs in such high-risk places as jewelry stores, government buildings, military installations and banks. Peter P. Giacalone, executive vice president, SafetyCare, noted the UL designation will be of great benefit to SafetyCare’s dealers as this listing allows them to offer monitoring service for virtually any residential and commercial customer.

SafetyCare maintains a complete record of all alarms and responses to comply with UL requirements. All equipment used throughout SafetyCare, including the computer system, is now UL certified.

“Like any truly professional organization, SafetyCare is always striving to upgrade its service with the latest technological advances, continuous staff training and ongoing sales and technical support for its customers,” Giacalone said. “We are pleased that our efforts and diligence was recognized by UL and documented through our listings.”

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