New 16-Channel Network Video Server from Vicon Industries

Vicon Industries Inc. has introduced the new Kollector Network Server, a line of digital servers that utilizes ViconNet, a powerful network concept that allows each Kollector Network Server (KNS) to record and transmit video over the network to ViconNet Video Management Workstations or Kollector Elite Digital Video Recorders.

ViconNet also powers each KNS with the ability to be remotely configured on the network. Changes to camera titling, macro programming and scheduling, as well as frame rate manipulation, are all possible from one or more recorders or workstations on the system.

KNS has the ability to simultaneously record, playback and transmit video from up to 16 digital video channels at a maximum recording rate of 120 fps automatically optimized for maximum recording rate per channel.

Kollector Net Server includes an integrated GUI for system configuration, playback and record on a SVGA monitor. The playback control allows viewing all video scenes individually during playback without affecting recording. In addition, it supports Internet connectivity for remote video transmission.