Forensic Accounting: A New Twist on Bean Counting

A look at modern forensic accounting and how it differs from standard accounting and auditing

Forensic accounting isn't really new, but has received more press in the last five years. Prior to that, forensic accountants worked quietly and without fanfare. Since this specialty is now the hot new career, it is important to be able to differentiate between truly qualified professionals and those who are simply in training. I don't like to see clients spend money on training for a novice.

Locating the right bean finder may take a bit of work. It's not always easy to verify an expert's qualifications and experience. But the work will pay off in the long run, because you will work with a professional who has the proper credentials and the ability to execute under pressure.


This article was originally published in The Wisconsin Law Journal, Milwaukee, Mis., another Dolan Media publication.

Tracy L. Coenen is a CPA, a certified fraud examiner and president of Sequence Inc., a forensic accounting firm with offices in Milwaukee and Chicago. She has gained recognition locally and nationally as an expert in fraud and financial investigations. She can be reached at