North Carolina County Leverages New 4.9GHz Public Safety Band for Public Venues Security

At venues including State's Fairgrounds, tying communications with Motorola's MOTOMESH network

MOTOMESH can also be configured to support industry standard Wi-Fi access and mobile broadband access in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. This enables municipal and county governments to deploy a single, mobile broadband network that offers unlicensed wireless access to the public and other agencies, while offering dedicated licensed access to first responders. MOTOMESH offers a complete metro wireless broadband solution to support today and tomorrow's Government initiatives.

Motorola's mesh networks technology was originally developed for the military battlefield in order to provide instant, ad-hoc communication networks where fixed infrastructure was not available or deployable. As a result, users receive a robust mobile broadband communications network that is self-forming and self-healing. Motorola's unique Multi-Hopping(R) technology turns every mesh-enabled user into a router/repeater, so every user makes the network stronger. It also allows users to hop through each other and form instant ad hoc peer-to-peer networks among themselves.

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