Triversity Introduces Systems for Locking down Retail Applications

Triversity has announced a new software solution designed to help retailers greatly enhance security throughout their enterprise. Device Control Manager, the latest in a series of Triversity solutions for data and system security, allows retailers to prevent cashiers and other employees from accessing unauthorized areas in point-of-sale (POS) and information systems.

"Retailers today face unprecedented challenges in protecting cardholder information and ensuring the security of their store and information systems," said David Thomas, president and CEO, Triversity Inc. "Triversity has taken the lead in helping retailers combat these threats. Our latest offering, Device Control Manager, takes security to a new level by putting retailers in control of their systems."

Using Device Control Manager, retailers can ensure that employees access only the applications that are relevant to the business, and also specify the files that may be accessed within those applications. For example, retailers can allow access to a web browser but specify only certain web sites that may be accessed (the company's web site, for example); or they can permit email access but restrict it only to corporate email addresses, in order to prevent viruses and inappropriate information from entering the system. Device Control Manager works with all Microsoft Windows(R) environments.

As part of Triversity's Store Solutions, Device Control Manager increases system uptime by minimizing the risk of a corrupted store environment due to unauthorized downloads or viruses. It reduces employee-related shrink, since employees cannot exit authorized applications or access restricted files. Device Control Manager also improves productivity by ensuring that employees access only the web sites and information that is required for daily business activity. The solution is designed for point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks/gift registries, look-up terminals, back-office systems and other Windows-based PCs in a retailer's enterprise.