Y-12 National Security Complex Chooses LightLOC for Vehicle Detection at Perimeter

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. -- Woven Electronics announced today that it has been awarded a major contract for deployment of its all optical LightLOC anti-terrorism vehicle detection system at the Y12 (NNSA) National Security Complex. LightLOC is an integrated product suite of optical based intrusion detection sensors and software.

"This contract reaffirms what our clients continue to tell us, and that is our system is built on the technology that eclipses competitive technologies," remarked Doug Piper when asked for his reaction to the recent contract. "We've heard it time and time again in sales presentations," Mr. Piper continued, "The present national security climate demands 21st century technology, rather than the decades old technology currently in use."

During its history Y-12 NNSA National Security Complex has become a major manufacturer of warhead components made from uranium and other weapons-grade fissionable material. Today, having been described as the "Fort Knox" of nuclear facilities, the site has gained a new charter as the primary storage facility for nuclear materials management. As countries continue to surrender nuclear materials, and cold war-era Russian weapons are dismantled in nonproliferation efforts, it is apparent that the safest places for such equipment and components are secure sites within the United States. And in this new age sites such as Y-12 must protect old-war weapons from falling into the hands of a different kind of tactical enemy.

Y-12 requires state-of-the-art systems in which the strongest means of denial is a superior means of detection. Force Protection personnel must be given the advantage of remaining in an offensive posture in an environment that would inherently put them in a defensive one. Accurate detection is the solution for Y-12, thus Woven Electronics' LightLOC Perimeter Protection System is the perfect fit.

LightLOC is a patented, all optical system providing next-generation perimeter security, manhole monitoring and secure communications. The technology provides monitoring of remote perimeters at ranges up to 20-kilometers without electric power. The system also features a Vehicle Detection Cable protected against tampering while providing extremely low false error rates. The system is online at www.lightloc.com and Woven is online at www.wovenelectronics.com.