Honeywell Introduces Single-Source Builder Program

Honeywell has introduced the Honeywell Builder Program, a wide-ranging, single-source program for home builders that combines access to the industry's most robust product lineup, the power of a recognized consumer brand and a range of sales and marketing tools.

The new program includes products from multiple categories, including several security components: intrusion and motion detection systems, latchkey monitoring, fire detection and smoke warning systems, and video surveillance. It also will include structured wiring, a key security component and integrator that enables connectivity across several platforms in home electronics, allowing homeowners to integrate the most advanced home networking technologies. Other categories include:

  • Comfort Controls: Honeywell's popular line of thermostats, whole house humidifiers and zoning solutions. The program also offers central vacuum systems.
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions: Whole-house ventilation and air filtration systems.
  • Water Solutions: Pressure regulating valves, thermostatic mixing valves and water filters.
  • Closed-Cell Spray Foam Blowing Agents: Spray foam insulation decreases installation time and can significantly increasing the home's tightness and durability.

Honeywell designed the Builder Program to consolidate home-enhancing products that consumers increasingly request when planning new residences. Customer surveys show that 60 percent of homeowners will install individual room temperature controls in the next home they build. By the end of 2005, it is expected that 47 percent of homeowners will specify structured wiring to easily and seamlessly integrate phones, stereos, televisions and computers.

"Homeowners are more deliberate and precise in planning their home investments," said Levi Bouwman, Home Builder National Accounts sales director for Honeywell. "They are challenging builders to include a variety of products and systems that add convenience and comfort, make their families safer, and save money by optimizing energy efficiency. To help builders answer the challenge, the Honeywell program maintains the efficiencies involved in working with a single supplier, while offering an extremely wide range of products and systems."

The Honeywell Builder Program is flexible and designed to let builders join at one of three partner levels to take advantage of Honeywell marketing materials, design center support, training, rebates and more. In addition, Honeywell provides a program for its contractors and dealers to ensure that builders are working with the most qualified subcontractors in the business. That means the job gets done right and on time with fewer headaches for the builders. Honeywell also can support builders by helping to improve their customer satisfaction by offering extended product warranties, after-sales support and follow-up.