LTI DataComm Debuts Surveillance Device for Physical/IT Security Monitoring

Sterling, VA - LTI DataComm, Inc. (, a leading supplier of network systems and services to U.S. government agencies, today announced that its SASmon (Security Alarm Surveillance Monitor) product is generally available to the federal defense and civilian communities. SASmon is an integrated Information Technology (IT) and physical security surveillance system designed to support the government's requirement for complete network and facility monitoring, all from remote locations or Network Operation Centers.

"The combination of physical and IT security is increasing across all industries, but is notably prevalent in the government marketplace," said Ray Bjorklund, Senior Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer, Federal Sources, Inc. "The distinct nature of the U.S. federal structure - balancing national security needs with open government - requires a more streamlined, integrated, and effective approach to security. Additionally, decreases in agency IT budgets compel security officers to procure products that follow current architectural and interface standards, are easy to implement, and that make an immediate impact on overall security postures."

SASmon is an intelligent, affordable network-based surveillance appliance that enables government security professionals to remotely monitor facilities and IT systems over any Internet Protocol (IP) network. This includes complete control of the device, visual verification capability, sensory analysis, secure access and notification alarms, suspicious event monitoring, as well as environmental condition management in key locations throughout an agency - all from a centralized, IP-based control center.

SASmon allows the user to receive facility and network status reporting via a Web browser, email, and/or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Additionally, the SASmon product offers:

  • Host communications via wired Ethernet (802.3) or wireless interface
  • Embedded temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Encrypted Web-based configuration
  • Unit status and communication indicators
  • Asynchronous (serial), dial-up, and/or TCP/IP network operation ability
  • Third-party camera support

"LTI DataComm recognizes the importance that government places on its network and physical resources," said John Hall, Manager, DoD Business Unit, LTI DataComm. "As such, we determined that an all-in-one, configurable, easy-to-use security appliance that monitors physical events such as temperature/humidity adjustments, power outages, and door openings, as well as IT system activities would offer a significant alternative to agencies struggling to meet physical and network security needs. We are proud to make SASmon generally available to this market."

SASmon is available on LTI DataComm's GSA Schedule (GS-35F-4803G) or through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ECS III Government Wide Acquisition Contract (263-03-D-0556).