Dedicated Micros’ Parent Company Wins at Le Mans

A car sponsored by Dedicated Micros' parent company AD Group and sporting the logo of Dedicated Micros on its front bumper and across the chest of its crew members and drivers, sped its way to win the 73rd annual 24 Hours of Le Mans race in Le Mans, France, on June 19.

The companies' MG Lola EX264 racecar took first place in the Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2, a.k.a. Junior Prototype) class after a barrage of equipment problems and failures.

The company's car was pushed for 24 hours by Mike Newton, CEO of AD Group (based in Warrington, England), and Brazilian driver Thomas Erdos, and by former MG driver Warren Hughes.

A litany of mechanical difficulties, including a failed suspension component that almost caused the car to wreck at high speeds, plus a blown gear box that had to be repaired, plagued the vehicle and other competitors, but on-site mechanics were able to get the Dedicated Micros-labeled vehicle back on the track and the driver caught first place in the field with just 40 minutes left.

One thing that didn't need a rebuild was Dedicated Micros' TransVu mobile CCTV unit, which was installed in the car and which recorded a continuous digital video feed of the Le Mans race.

It wasn't the first time the CCTV system had been whipped around a track; the system had used at the FIA GT Championships the previous season. The unit withstood not only the high forces in cornering (and in near crashes), but its rugged design also had to face temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.