Digital Persona Community Spans 25 Million Users Worldwide

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Digital Persona, Inc., the leading provider of biometric authentication solutions for enterprise networks and commercial applications, announced it has over 25 million security-conscious corporate users addressing their access and authentication needs with Digital Persona products for desktop, network and enterprise applications. Customers of Digital Persona's fingerprint-based biometric solutions span all levels of government and industries as diverse as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, sports and entertainment around the world.

"Clearly, Digital Persona's leading entry in the biometrics market and continued wide acceptance in enterprise environments is a testament to our innovation," said Fabio Righi, president and CEO of Digital Persona "Our customers know Digital Persona's solutions solve their security and access needs beyond just the desktop and bring to the corporate environment the added security and authentication needed today."

Since first shipping its award winning U.are.U(R) fingerprint authentication solution in 1998, Digital Persona has expanded its product offering to include DigitalPersona(R) Pro, DigitalPersona Pro Kiosk, DigitalPersona Online and DigitalPersona Software Development Kits (SDK).

DigitalPersona Pro for Active Directory enables users to be authenticated with fingerprint-based biometrics for access to network and corporate applications; DigitalPersona Online authenticates users to virtually any web application.

"Since 2002 Digital Persona and their DigitalPersona Pro and DigitalPersona Online solutions have been a critical part of our ability to safeguard customer's information," said Daren Mehl, assistant vice president, Information Technology for United Bankers' Bank. "As the costs and security risks associated with password and other authentication solutions have risen, Digital Persona has assured that UBB is cost effectively staying ahead in the world of Internet banking."

DigitalPersona SDKs enable thousands of integrations and developers to build unique identity management applications which are in use today at schools, credit unions and retail shops across North America. Additionally, multi-user environments typically found in the manufacturing and healthcare industries can now use DigitalPersona Pro Kiosk for their authentication needs.

"Before our recent move to Digital Persona's fingerprint-based authentication solution, our employees were using complex passwords to sign in at least 15 times a day," said Sterling Nielsen, executive vice president Mountain America Credit Union. "We're now more confident that information will not be compromised internally or externally, and are pleased with the simplicity Digital Persona technology provides along with its security."

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