Datacraft Unveils Storage Solution for IP-based Digital Security Surveillance

Datacraft has unveiled a new storage solution for Digital Video Security Surveillance (DVSS), an intelligent Internet Protocol (IP)-based security monitoring solution. DVSS enables organisations to monitor and manage consolidated video feeds from multiple closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in various locations via a corporate Wide Area Network (WAN).

Peter Williams, Head, Solutions Development Group of Datacraft, said that traditional analog systems are not scalable and are costly to maintain as they are managed independently as individual islands of operations. But in recent years, the advent of advanced digital video systems has made it possible to deploy IP-based technology for centralised video surveillance that can be supported by intelligent software.

DVSS increases the success of security initiatives by transforming video images into actionable intelligence.

The solution - which collects video images virtually anywhere, even in difficult-to-wire areas such as borders and waterways - networks all the CCTV cameras and supports the central control and management of an entire surveillance network from a standard office workstation.

In partnership with Verint Systems, DVSS also provides advanced analytics, which automatically identify significant movements and unusual behaviour that might otherwise require countless hours to detect.

"In the post 9/11 environment, security and terrorism related threats - in the form of unauthorised access to restricted areas and criminal activities - increase commercial risks to companies and security risks to government agencies," said Williams.

Datacraft DVSS also analyze video images according to specific criteria and behavioral triggers, integrates with other security tracking systems and with enterprise business systems, issues automatic alerts about exceptional events and manages video for single locations or multi-building campuses.