New Service from VideoSave Allows for Video on Mac, Other OS Systems

Remote hosted video surveillance data allows access of viewing to a variety of operating systems

Provide Short-Term Passwords
The inherent "smarts" of VideoSave's surveillance infrastructure provide a singular benefit not available with regular DVR-based systems. Clients can issue short-term passwords that expire after a predetermined period. Temporary employees, accident investigators, crime witnesses, can view specific videos for limited periods. Clients can provide police officers with short-term passwords, enabling enable them to pursue further investigation back at the precinct.

By functioning as a surveillance utility'with logical parallels to central electrical generation and distribution'VideoSave moves video surveillance into the 21st century. Why would a rational organization maintain a basement generating plant when the local utility's economies of scale enable it to supply dependable, hassle-free electricity at lower cost?

Management's Observation
Steve Shaer, VideoSave CEO, refers to the trend'driven by today's litigious society'towards long term storage. "With conventional monthly DVR storage," Shaer says, "equipment malfunction merely sacrifices a small "window" of video evidence." "But modern DVRs are beginning to offer terabytes of memory for long term storage," he continues, "which means that DVR breakdown can now cause serious loss of surveillance coverage." "In contrast, Shaer says, VideoSave's equipment monitoring, plus remote backup of the video vault's entire content, limits clients' loss to a single day's events."