Vicon Unveils New DVR with Four Channels, Remote PC Access

Vicon Industries Inc. has release its new VDR-204 Digital Video Recorder. This new product joins Vicon's digital video recorder families to provide high-quality digital recording.

The VDR-204 is designed for CCTV users who require an easy to use high-quality standalone 4-channel digital video recorder with the benefit of additional remote PC access via a network/Internet. The feature-rich VDR-204 is designed for use with industry standard composite video output CCTV cameras using BNC connectors. Two models are available. The VDR-204-12CD has a 120 GB hard drive; VDR-204-30CD provides 300 GB of hard drive space. Both models are NTSC/PAL compatible.

The VDR-204 is operated and controlled by simple front panel controls. All CCTV video recording takes place on the VDR-204 hard disk drive. Backup can be to a CD, through the network using the provided VDR software, or from the USB port to a memory stick. Multiple VDR-204s can be cascaded for greater camera coverage.

The VDR-204 can accept up to 4 composite video inputs with 4-channel loop through to be recorded on a local hard drive. The VDR-204 offers 720 x 480 resolution for a full image and 360 x 240 in Quad view. In addition, the VDR-204 has one audio input, 4 sensor inputs and 1 alarm output. The recorder allows displaying and recording a multiplexed image of the 4 inputs on the same screen at 30 fps, allowing 4 cameras simultaneously at 30 fps each.

This 4-channel digital video recorder supports dynamic IP allocation and remote live viewing across common networks.