Is This the Most Secure Passenger Car Yet?

While it may not have the latest proximity cards, Ford's new SYNus conept vehicle that was released at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show, is a hit with us at

We like the styling that makes it look like a cash-carrying armored truck.

But what makes this concept vehicle -- which will likely never see production -- so secure?

How about the fact that you can park this beast in "secure mode," which brings protective shutters over the windshields and side glass?

Under fire? The smaller windows on the sides and the roof don't open and, yes, they're bulletproof. The small size means you can negotiate narrow alleys and tight traffic lanes when the assault comes to you.

And then there's access control. A bank-vault like spinner handle in the back locks the door with deadbolt-style latches. On the driver's side pillar, a combination lock controls the doors.

Surveillance, you say? Rear cameras integrate with a full-blown internal theater system that can be controlled with a wi-fi enabled laptop, so before you step out, you can see what's happening behind you. There's a 45-inch LCD screen from Sharp in the back window in case you need to view your enterprises' CCTV video from afar (or you can use it to watch "Ocean's Twelve" and contemplate how you could have stopped Clooney and his crew).

And finally, because a car's got to move, look under the hood for a powerful 2.0L diesel engine that punches 236 foot pounds of torque and 134 horsepower.

View the SYNus photo gallery online: