Oberthur Card Systems Selected for U.S. e-Passport Program

California-based Oberthur Card Systems Corp., has been selected by the United States of America Government Printing Office (GPO) as a key supplier to provide the technology for the development and testing of the U.S. electronic passport (e-passports). Oberthur Card Systems and the U.S. Government will jointly complete the testing program this year.

Oberthur Card Systems' machine-readable e-passports incorporate the certified FIPS-201 Level 3 contactless chip that is compliant with new International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) specifications as well as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) recommendations. The chip is used to store biometric information and is fully compatible with 20 major radio frequency smart card readers.

The e-passports solution improves individual security protection and the flow of immigration lines. Additionally, it meets all the requirements of the Enhanced Border Security acts (s.303).

As a subsidiary of Francois-Charles Oberthur Group, a world leader in the issuance of traditional and chip-enabled passports, Oberthur Card Systems offers a unique solution that can combine secure passport issuance with high-capacity, high security and FIPS-approved contact and contactless microprocessors.