Homeland Security Technology Lands Glass Laminate Contract

DEL MAR, Calif. - Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, USMC (Retired), CEO of Homeland Security Technology Inc., a division of Amnis, Inc., announced that HST has signed a contract to install PowerShield at an additional Chevron/Food Mart location in San Diego, Calif. This station is one of several Chevron/Food Mart locations in San Diego County. The contract valued at just under $6,000 represents PowerShield's continued acceptance by gas station convenience store owners and franchisees in California.

"The PowerShield laminate provides invisible protection 24 hours a day," commented business manager Paul Montgomery. "Since this store is one of many that does not remain open 24 hours, PowerShield is an additional security measure we have added to protect our business," continued Montgomery. "I am very happy we chose PowerShield as part of our security upgrade."

"Business owners understand that during a break-in or natural disaster such as the earthquakes that California has been experiencing, glass is the weakest security link, and when broken it acts as an open door to thieves or the forces of nature," commented Mark Wilson, HST's Director of Security System Division. "PowerShield mitigates damage or loss by holding the glass together while deterring access by those forces and reducing the risk of injury that would normally be caused by flying glass fragments."

"With this contract we are continuing to expand our customer base from our recent focus on government and jewelry stores, to the convenience store market. PowerShield has been accepted as a viable alternative to expensive impact resistant glass and we have continued to market PowerShield as a 'smash and grab' deterrent for retail businesses owners," commented HST Inc.'s CEO Colonel Jeffrey Powers.