Griffid Launches New Version Recording Software for Network Cameras

Griffid has launched the new versions of their software platform for viewing, recording and managing images of network cameras, video servers and Digital Video Recorders (DVRss); the Griffid Monitoring Station 1.6 and the Griffid Monitoring Center 1.6. Griffid Monitoring Station is software that can be deployed by organizations to simplify viewing, recording and managing a digital video surveillance system and provides additional functionality. The Griffid Monitoring Center application is used by alarm- and monitoring- companies the remote view live images of security cameras for example to verify alarms.

New features
Griffid Monitoring Station and the Griffid Monitoring Center have been upgraded with a wide variety of new features. Event-notification with pop-up, sound or e-mail has been added as well as location independent free configuration of matrix views. Furthermore an improved search engine for fast lookup and playback of recorded video and events, enhanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom support for easy and fast control of movable cameras and support for several new video products. The alarm- and control rooms have more reporting and logging functionality.

“The largest improvement that we achieved is support for MPEG-4 compression technology”, says Edwin Roobol, Sales Director EMEA at Griffid BV. “We have decided to implement MPEG-4 support for important players, like Axis Communications, Sony, ACTi, and Vivotek and will step by step support more MPEG-4 products. The main advantage of MPEG-4 is the low consumption of bandwidth by its efficient compression algorithms.”

"As the global leader in Network Video, Axis Communications believes in the value of the MPEG-4 compression format. It is this reason that we support MPEG-4 as well as MJPEG in our product range," says Bodil Sonesson, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Axis Communications. "Axis has over 250 Axis Development Partners globally, providing customized solutions for the market. Griffid's support for MPEG-4 in their application will help to fulfil the customer requirements for this fast-growing industry."

“We are delighted with the fact that the Griffid software has support for the full range of our MPEG-4 videoportfolio, including the new CAM-7100 MPEG-4 IP Rugged Dome” says Mr. Liu, Sales Director at ACTi Corporation. “High quality MPEG-4 video is mainstream technology in our offering containing IP cameras, IP-speed domes, video servers and vandal proof IP-dome. Support for our product in the Griffid software gives us and our partners the ability to propose total solutions tailored towards vertical markets”.

The Griffid Monitoring Station and the Griffid Monitoring Center are available as of today in the distribution channels of Griffid. Griffid is online at