Emergency Consortium Agrees with DHS to Promote Data Sharing During Emergencies

Emergency Interoperability Consortium will work with DHS to promote and develop data sharing standards for emergency response

By working together, both DHS and EIC believe that government and industry can more quickly and cost-effectively bridge the data sharing gap between organizations that must be able to interoperate in response to the natural and man-made hazards that form the core of the DHS mission. After an initial term of three years, the agreement can be renewed for additional two-year periods.

"Data interoperability is at the heart of effective response," said Richard Taylor, chairman of the safety non-profit ComCARE Alliance, and 9-1-1 director for the State of North Carolina. "We are delighted at the effective and cooperative way EIC and this DHS program are engaging our emergency response members in rapidly developing common standards." ComCARE is represented on EIC's Board.