New Masterview-X Network Video Management Software Announced by ELMO

The new ELMO MasterView-X software makes it possible to view, manage and control several network-based video camera systems from one easy-to-use interface. It provides the power and tools required to manage and analyze content obtained from a local or network-controlled camera systems, archived video and series of still images. As an automated attendant it "watches" the video when nobody is present and alerts the user on an external device when an event is detected, Image Enhancer software makes it possible for the camera to reproduce images with daytime clarity even those taken in pitch dark surroundings.

Designed to enhance capabilities of the ELMO PTC-201-IP cameras, the software is included at no charge with the purchase of the PTC201C-IP or any other qualifying ELMO IP / Network camera product. Software is also available to activate many popular competitive IP/ network cameras and servers(MasterView-X Pro). The user can choose upgrades to increase the number of viewable cameras (4, 9, 16, 24 and 32) and add digital recorder features (MasterView-X Pro Upgrade). MasterView-X Mobile Software can provide the ability to view IP/Network Cameras via a pocket PC via a wireless LAN.

MasterView-X Pro, an advanced software package, incorporates all the features of MasterView-X. In addition, it can be configured to capture and save video when motion occurs and offers digital video recorder capabilities such as video storage and retrieval. It integrates and supports other popular network PTZ cameras-1, 4, 9,16, 24 and 32-input models. When motion-detected events occur, it notifies the user by sending email or commands to PTZ cameras and receives quality video data from M-JPEG ( Motion jpeg), video streams and video capture cards. It offers connectivity for Ethernet and 802.11b Wireless Networks. Video on an internal LAN can be exported to an external network or the Internet.