Digital Descriptor Systems, Inc. Showcases Identity and Asset Security Solutions

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - New Jersey public safety professionals looking for the latest advances in security technology have an excellent resource this week -- the Digital Descriptor Systems, Inc. (DDSI) (Pink Sheets:DDSI) exhibit at the 90th annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference, which begins today in Atlantic City. New Jersey-based DDSI, an industry leader in the development of Homeland Security-related products, is displaying a broad range of identity- and asset-security solutions.

"Our hallmark is rigorously tested, real-world proven solutions for securing both identity and assets," says Marguerita Caputo, director of sales for DDSI. "This conference is an excellent venue for us to showcase our offerings and capabilities to New Jersey's law enforcement community."

At the conference, DDSI will be exhibiting:

-- Compu-Capture(r) ID image capture systems -- Designed to serve multiple users, these systems provide advanced image capture and retrieval solutions, with an emphasis on mug shots, crime scenes and identifying characteristics, like scars and tattoos. Thanks to DDSI's simple System Administration module, even individuals relatively unfamiliar with computers use can quickly learn to manage the system. All images are associated with databases provided by users.

-- Secure-ID tape seals -- Designed to keep voting machines secure, Secure-ID tape seals are a surface light diffusion technology in lieu of a break away type seal. When attempts are made at removal, the face changes its visual appearance to reveal an otherwise hidden message that can be customized. Secure ID seals do not leave any damaging adhesive on the surface. Both residue producing and non-residue seals have specific utility in applications such as aircraft security seal, election vote box seals and safes and draw closures of all descriptions.

-- Tamper evident products -- From envelopes to huge containers, it's often vital to know whether an item has been subject to tampering. DDSI offers an extensive range of products, including loop seals and security tape that can provide clear evidence of physical interference in the form of either an indelible word or legend on the tape and a removable or permanent legend on the outside surface of the shipping container.

Digital Descriptor Systems Inc. (DDSI) develops and markets integrated enterprise-wide image applications specifically designed for criminal justice organizations. Customers include states, cities, counties, corrections, justice, and public safety agencies.

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