Honeywell Introduces Affordable DVR for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

LOUISVILLE -- Honeywell has introduced the HRDE 4x4, a four-channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Its structural design allows four audio channels to match four video channels, providing synchronized audio/video recording and playback. HRDE 4x4 is ideal for production shops, service stations, gas stations, small dealerships and other sites where counter space is limited and up to four areas of coverage are desired.

The HRDE 4x4 features advanced MPEG-4 inter-frame compression delivering high-quality video and increased storage capacity. The embedded operating system is stored in a nonvolatile memory chip allowing trouble-free, appliance-like operations.

The HRDE 4x4 is affordable, so small and medium-sized businesses can now realize the benefits of high-quality digital video surveillance, as well.

"With Honeywell's new HRDE 4x4 DVR, business owners can afford to take the technology leap to digital recording," said Jordan Shishmanov, product manager for Honeywell Video Systems. "By upgrading from analog to digital, businesses will see a difference in the quality of recorded video and the ease of locating the desired video clip. We believe they'll realize an enormous return on their investment."

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