PROTECT Smoke Cannon to Make 'It Takes A Thief' Appearance

The PROTECT Smoke Cannon will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel's It Takes a Thief series. The episode titled "Car Repair.Or Robbery?" will air Tue., Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. ET/ 2 p.m. PT.

Lion Television, an independent production company that creates the show from New York, sent a field producer to ISC West 2005 in Las Vegas to look for security products that could prove a worthy foil to the show's co-hosts, highly-skilled ex-burglars. The Smoke Cannon caught the producer's eye in the Sands Expo lobby, where the fog-based burglary deterrent was making its Western Hemisphere debut.

PROTECT was chosen to play a role in the security makeover of a high-end automobile repair shop. The show seeks real households and businesses to add to the educational value of watching ex-crooks do their magic.

In the first half of the show, reformed thief and co-host Jon Douglas Rainey breaks into the dealership while the owner, Steven, watches on closed-circuit TV. The carnage is so thorough that Steven "loses" a Mercedes from the garage and, stunningly, his guard dog. The second co-host, Matt Johnston, then coaches Steven with suggestions on how to prevent such a burglary from happening in real life. This includes installing the PROTECT Smoke Cannon, which blinds burglars with a thick cloud of smoke, driving them back the way they came and preventing the loss of valuable property.

When Rainey takes a second walk through the business to test the effectiveness of the owner's improvements, he tries to speed off with the Mercedes-and the dog-once again. This time, a blinding surprise is waiting for him.

"I knew Matt had something in store for me when I tried to drive off a second time," Rainey said. "I do love Benzes, but the fact of the matter was I really couldn't see anything in that fog."

PROTECT eliminates burglary losses by filling protected areas with dense but harmless clouds of fog if break-ins occur. The product has been featured on several television and news programs since its U.S. launch in April 2005, including NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CBS and NBC affiliate newscasts.