Iridian and IrisGuard Announce the IG-H100 Iris Recognition Camera

Iridian Technologies has announced the availability of a truly versatile iris recognition handheld camera, the IG-H100 iris camera from IrisGuard, Inc. This camera can operate as a wall-mounted unit or a portable handheld camera. It has already demonstrated outstanding results in the laboratory and in field trials with more than 19,000 travelers participating in the world-class Iris Expellee Tracking System in the United Arab Emirates.

The IG-H100 uses a 680,000 pixel sensor to achieve accurate focus and image quality as well as an advanced 16-bit microcontroller to control illumination, focus distance, voice control and communications with the client application. All electronic components are designed to provide the highest reliability and allow 24/7 operation. The camera is designed to provide excellent iris images at a range of six to twelve inches (fourteen to thirty centimeters.)

The IG-H100 was designed to be compatible with industry standard VGX frame grabber cards and the USB II interface enhances mobility by allowing the IG-H100 to be deployed on laptop computers without sacrificing the resolution and speed required by high-volume national deployments.

"The IrisGuard IG-H100 camera system opens new possibilities for iris applications in locations not previously possible" said Frank Fitzsimmons, CEO of Iridian Technologies, Inc. "The camera produced excellent results in our lab tests, passing our image quality and eye safety requirements as outlined in our Proof Positive program. We are impressed with the unit's speed and versatile deployment possibilities."

"The IG-H100 performed exceedingly well in the real-world trials, which is not surprising because the design leverages what we learned in the UAE's country-wide implementation", said Imad Malhas, CEO of IrisGuard, Inc. "What is unique is the versatility of having a camera that can operate as a fixed-mounted walk-up unit as well as offering the portability of a handheld camera while maintaining robust performance."

The Proof Positive hardware and software certification program from Iridian Technologies confirms that iris recognition cameras and software solutions meet critical standards for performance, interoperability, safety, security, scalability, usability and reliability. Certification includes a series of formal audits and evaluations, including compliance with Iridian's PrivateID(R)and KnoWho(R) application programming interfaces (APIs), data formats, encryption, and countermeasures. Proof Positive certified cameras are interoperable with other certified cameras, not only from the same vendor, but from other vendors as well. Certified cameras easily interface with Iridian's KnoWho server software for maximum performance in searches against millions of records.